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 Du'Lanci Vallie is a hip-hop and R&B musician from New York City represented by the TGWEWON independent music label. Growing in scope and depth with each new release, his style has been most recently compared to that of Drake and Asaiah Ziv. Based on rock-solid and undeniable beats graced with unobtrusive but unforgettable bass lines, music by Du'Lanci Vallie builds crowds, interest and emotion for recordings, performances and playlist spots which never fail to excite audiences.


Asked to describe his songs personally, Du'Lanci Vallie writes, “My music is for people who actually still care for talent and not just the average gimmick. You'll find yourself in a groove when listening to my music and aside from it being boldly unique, it still has the soul and range the average music listener loves.”


Du'Lanci Vallie's repertoire includes such drops as “Leave Me Alone,” released May 16th 2022 from TGWEWON. “Leave Me Alone” by Du'Lanci Vallie continues to garner widespread critical and fan acclaim. Du'Lanci Vallie's tone, style and thematic message on “Leave Me Alone” have made it a resounding success with a variety of audiences.

Talking about the overall themes of “Leave Me Alone,” Du'Lanci Vallie writes, “Self-awareness and self-care is the overall theme I base my music around. The top 3 subtopics are mental-health care, relationships which includes love, family and friends, and I make sure to provide the light sent from the most high on each track.”


Taking into account the manner in which Du'Lanci Vallie came into music, it's easy to see how the songs have taken their present sound and form. While “Leave Me Alone” represents his first vocal release, he is the artist of four popular instrumental projects, “White” (Feb. 2022), “Save Me from Dying” (Sep 2021), “Checking Out” (July 2021), and “Heartbreak Motel” (Feb 2021). These have accrued thousands of plays and followers on Spotify as well as other sources.


Vallie has performed live in three of the four corners of North America, Los Angeles, Miami and New York City.


Asked to describe his goal in music, Du'Lanci Vallie had this to say: “Why not make music if you have the gift? At least, that's my take on it, and I truly feel one of my best gifts in life is to be able to create music. We all want money but self-expression is hard to come around and music is definitely my tool of expression. A good song is a good song but when it touches those emotional chords in your body, it's a feeling you crave over and over.”


To fans new and old Vallie writes,


“Stay true to the light inside of you and when it gets dark don't show fear. You can do anything you put your mind to though I didn't believe it at first. It took me too long to believe in myself — but if I can overcome storms, so can you. Thank God.”

Leave Me Alone by Du'Lanci Vallie on the TGWEWON independent music label is available online worldwide from over 600 quality digital music retailers now.

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