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10 Reasons Why You shouldn’t Use Sex As A Proof For Love

Sex is never a guarantee to keep a relationship healthy.

The fact that some relationship doesn't work well these days without sex and money being involved is one thing that has kept so many people finding it difficult to get a better lifetime partner.

We do get it wrong by attaching so much sex in our onset relationship as a way to keep our partner from looking elsewhere.

Sex according to some learned person, is just a short-term act used to satisfy one's present desire of pleasure where its sweetness is only enjoyed for only some second or minutes as at the time it's being carried out.

Many men and women do complain of how their partner is not satisfying their sexual urges the way they've perfectly wanted it and thereby has led some into having numerous lovers to do them the exact way they wish the enjoyment to be.

Sex is never a guarantee to keep a relationship healthy. A man or woman can like you for the way you're good in bed and will still not have an atom of feelings for you.

When you make sex an avenue to keep your man/woman from leaving you by giving him/her different styles of sex in the world, definitely the ones who are better than you are surely going to win the race from you.

Below are some reasons why sex is never proof for love: 1. Your partner might get tired of you after sharing several sources of happiness with you in bed.

2. He/she might see of no important you can bring to their life other than bed work.

3. You can easily be cheated on when he/she meets a new person that can probably handle them more or less than you do on bed.

4. You can easily be viewed as a sex tool for satisfying one's pleasure for just a particular period.

5. In your absence, you can be tagged as a whore who has no other thinking other than sex.

6. There may exist trust issues as your partner can easily have the thought that you might be having several partners who could be sleeping with you too unknown to him.

7. He/she might not see the potential good person in you to be crowned one's lifetime partner.

8. The respect you might need to be given as a person can be reduced as he/she could easily get harsh at you for no tangible reasons.

9. You can only be seen to be a confirmed original sex material and not a potential life partner.

10. Your health might be in danger as you can be exposed easily to infections unknown to you.

Every man/woman needs a caring, loving, and helping partner that could help them grow and excel in their daily endeavors.

This is why one must sincerely love and be loved in return to avoid being used and viewed from a perspective you best doesn't belong all in the name of love. Human as living being is known to be insatiable but everyone knows who can best fit into their life to be called a husband/wife.

So, using sex as proof of love will neither stop your partner from cheating nor make him/her have a strong feeling of affection for you. However if you so wish to be happy, satisfy, and fulfilled in your relationships, you should strive for a relationship were the following exist: * Trust: This has to do with being plain in words of mouth and action to yield a better truism of something.

* Hard work: Having strong determination and perseverance with the things you do to bring forth a portion of food to the table.

*Honesty: Refraining from fake speeches and giving an exact account of something.

*Good communication skills: Approaching a particular problem in kind-gesture ways.

*Patience and endurance: this has to do with calmness in the time when things seem to be out of your favor.

*Words of encouragement: This is the act of giving words that relieved off your partner from the current situation he/she might be finding difficult to overcome by simply pointing out the good that could come thereafter such difficulty and never to lose trust in his Lord as everything happened for a purpose.

The aforementioned factors above can brim you a true lover and a lifetime partner. As one can easily detect that you will be a good choice having such a nice attitude...



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