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Artist Interview: Faith Bleu

After performing a memorable set at the Hart Bar in New York City on August 18th, recording artist Faith Bleu added herself to our list of artist to watch. Check out her interview with TGWEWON's Du'Lanci Vallie below.

Are you able to make a living with your music? If so, how were you able to attain a career doing what you love? If not, what do you do in order to fund your music career? What advice would give to someone who's interested in pursuing a career in music?

I haven’t yet been able to make sustainable funds off of my personal music, however I put myself in business positions regarding music so that I can be around what I love and still fund my craft. I freelance audio engineer and I book artists for shows, tours and opportunities alike. The best advice I give to any aspiring artist seeking longevity on this path is that the industry is 75% business and 25% talent. What will differentiate you in the game is your determination, consistency and genuine love of the music. Don’t quit your day job just yet, but create a rollout for when you will. Don’t let nobody’s limits be bigger than your faith.

If you wasn't in the music business or industry, what do you think you would be doing with your life instead?

If I wasn’t in the music business I would probably be an interior designer and freelance artist/ art therapist. I still create art but not with as much focus as I do my music these days so I know I’d still be in the creative realm. Colorfully expressing myself.

In your own opinion, What is the current music scene like in your local area?

The music scene in my community feels a bit watered down to the sound lately. A lot of people rather make music for the catchiness and the trending sounds so I don’t think it’ll age well. That’s where I add value, I’m trying to make timeless tunes.

Where have you performed? What are your favorite and least favorite venues? Do you have any upcoming shows?

I have performed in a couple of venues around Brooklyn, I wouldn’t speak on the ones I didn’t like but my favorite place to perform at was Alabama at a spot called East Side Lounge! It was my first time assistant managing a tour and Performing in another state was an amazing experience. The support was crazy out there!I do have plenty of upcoming shows all throughout the end of this year. Go to my page to stay tuned.

What is the story behind your band name/stage name?

I feel as though all throughout my journey, the only stable variables I had were God and my Faith. When I found out my real name meant Faith, it made all the sense and just felt right. Also, since I was young people have called me lil bleu so together they became part of my identity.

What is your latest release and where fans can find it?

My latest release will be Do Better, dropping September of this year on all steaming platforms! You’ll be able to especially find it all over my Instagram @faith.bleu

What would you like to advice to those who lack confidence?

If you lack confidence, I advise you to make a long list about the things you love and like about yourself and focus on those things! The universe can only value you at the price you value yourself!

How do you overcome challenges and recover from setbacks?

I often overcome challenges by doing it again. If you fall, get back up again. If you fail, try again. Just make sure that you’re making a calculated change every time because you can’t get new results doing exactly what you did the last time. As far as setbacks, remember that everything happens for a reason. Your job is not to dwell it’s to accept and better prepare for the next time.

What is on your agenda or what can fans expect to see from you in 2022?

My agenda this year is to put myself out there more, get more intimate and involved with my fan base. You can definitely expect more content, more music, more videos, more shows and alot more personality! 2022 will just be a teaser for what January 2023 holds!



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