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Artist Interview: Fly Deff

If you haven’t heard of recording artist FLY DEFF by now you might be under a rock.

With a unique Hip-Hop style from Queens and various releases gaining traction it’s time you get to know more about FLY DEFF. Check out the interview with Du’Lanci Vallie below.

What made you decide to jump into the music industry or music business?

It’s embedded, from young. 9 years old I started spitting. My pops rap and my uncle, Kenny Muhammad the Human Orchestra, it’s known worldwide for beatboxing (go look him up). But yea, as a youngin I always loved dancing and music. I’ll never forget

I used to play around with rapping at the age of 9. Even then my older brothers would tell me how dope I was for my age. From digging in my uncles crates to come across Jay Z blueprint and the black album etc. I KNEW THEN, that I was HipHop and HipHop was me. I never knew what I had in my hands until I hit 10th grade. My good friend and former teammate, keyanna aka lowkey was ill with it. SHE'S THE ONE WHO GOT ME STARTED. we did a video when we were attending Medgar Evers HS. It was dope as well lml. But yea even then I didn't take it serious. I was presented offers for smack URL and queen of the ring, but I declined because I didn't see myself as a rapper. I would play around every other couple years and right a flow. Never practiced, but it just: always came out hot. People would say i sound like biggie or queen latifah. I didn't see it but now i do. I started taking it serious the summer of 2016. And the rest is just the journey of history in the making.

Do you prefer the Independent route or would you rather sign to a major record label, and why?

Definitely indie; I wouldn’t mind doing any partnerships with labels or distribution/management. I just really want that control over my vision and that ownership. I wouldn’t mind the a mixture of that machine work. But it’s important to OWN your masters etc.

What is your latest release and where fans can find it?

My latest release is “Bonchinche (Viral)” and is on ALL platforms, head over to my link tree in my IG bio to take listen!

Between creating in the studio OR performing live on stage, which is your most enjoyable one and why?

I love them both, honestly. Because, in the stu, I can experiment and get creative and let it all out, but then again, I do the same in the stage. Everything I’m feeling I leave it all on the stage. I want the people to feel the love and passion through me and my music. The beast sines out and I just SHAKE THE ROOM. I love to see the reactions and just them loving what I’m giving them. I love performing so I might just lean toward that.

What would you consider your most successful or proudest moment in your music career, so far?

Just never giving up for real. But to name specifics, I won 1st place for Phresher’s “Who got the Juice” competition and that was big for me coming back off a hiatus. A lot started to unfold from that because that show landed me a feature with Gorilla Nems, which I am dropping soon in the fall for the 4th quarter. So much has just been happening for the better and I’m just more than grateful and ecstatic to see it all unfold!

Are you able to make a living with your music? If so, how were you able to attain a career doing what you love? If not, what do you do in order to fund your music career? What advice would give to someone who's interested in pursuing a career in music?

I’m able to make a living of course! (Speaking it into existence) lol but seriously, I’m hugging right now! I work in tech at Target, I do Doordash on the side. I’m just getting to it all for real. Everything counts I’m HUSTLING!

Advice I would give to anyone pursuing this field is to GO HARD, STAY TRUE, BE YOU, and NEVER GIVE UP. It’s sounds cliché, but it’s that simple. Oh, and LOVE WHAT YOU ARE DOING! They people are going to feel you more when you love what you do.

What is on your agenda or what can fans expect to see from you in 2022?

We got a LOT of new music for the WORLD on the way. Some dope features, a tape is in affect. Keep ya eyes on the lookout. I would give y’all the name, but just follow my IG (@flydeffnyc) to stay tuned so y’all can be apart of the process, and watch the MAGIC unfold.



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