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Artist Interview: Senseigod

Check out the latest interview with Harlem recording artist Senseigod and TGWEWON's Du'Lanci Vallie below.

What is the story behind your band name/stage name?

My name came from when I was rapping a few years back and I had a video shoot when one of the homies said they should be calling you "Senseigod".He was like "You always calling people God (by greetings and appreciation) and you teaching people how to put together fits".I brushed it off at first but decided to use it because it did sound good as well as it being better than my original name "Protojay".Proto became the name only my close friends call me now but word thats how that came to be.

How do you overcome challenges and recover from setbacks?

Challenges is something we need in order to get better at life so I just take it for what its worth and work at it.Slow motion better than no motion so when Im not motivated, which is a challenge within itself,I tend to think about life instantly.Just recognizing there are people doing better than me and worse than me but there are also people who aren't here anymore to even try.The world is bigger than me even though I play a part in it, so to not stress myself out I focus on the obstacles that I can control and just do it a step at a time.If I can skip steps and make it work then im doing that too.Setbacks suck because just as fast as you go up, is just as fast when you fall down.I take those falling situations as a lesson and make sure I dont do the same thing as it will result in the same downfall.

In your own opinion, What is the current music scene like in your local area?

Its mostly Drill.The people Im around are kind of older so we move on a different vibration but its definitely taken over the scene.Its a violent time but its at a point where everyone is getting numb to it.Its legit a way of life for a lot of people and its making money because people want to keep up with the street politics through music.Its the newspaper for the streets and humans thrive off S.D.E so I can see why people make the music.I respect the authenticity its just not music I can make.

Where have you performed? What are your favorite and least favorite venues? Do you have any upcoming shows?

I have performed at a couple of venues solo but most of my performances was with my homies, SORS.I showed out at S.O.Bs,The Shrine,Mercury Lounge,Terminal 5,Sneakercon in boston I think (I still got the pic with DJ Envy when he pulled up so I know I performed there lol) and a couple other I cant remember.Jae tips had us perform with him at a venue he rented out so that was dope but yeah thats what I can remember.

Are you able to make a living with your music? If so, how were you able to attain a career doing what you love? If not, what do you do in order to fund your music career?

I honestly dont to keep it a stack but I love it.Its the journal of my life and I go to the studio to allow people in that journal. Even when I decide to stop going to the studio, Im probably going to keep writing and rapping to myself or son/daughter whenever that time come.

I fund my music career by working, hustling (positive moves),collecting cards and selling them, and working on crypto even though its bad for everyone now.I just put my hands in things that can make me money in the right way.

What advice would give to someone who's interested in pursuing a career in music?

Be yourself,Everyone else is taken.Thats the only advice I can really give because Im still a student in the game but thats one thing I know that wont fail.Yeah there are people that fake it till they make it but their burnout is way worse than someone who was authentic from the jump.

What is your latest release and where fans can find it?

My latest track is named "N.I.M" which stands for Nas Inspired Me.You can find it on any and every streaming platform out there.Just type my name and youll see it.

What is on your agenda or what can fans expect to see from you in 2023?

Straight up Im giving more music, videos and I want more shows so I will be reaching out and doing my footwork to make that happen for the people who rock with me.Just be more present and active for sure.



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