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Du'Lanci Vallie - The Rise

Recording artist and producer Du'Lanci Vallie has been perfecting his sound and promised new content all throughout 2023 and the promise is being fulfilled as he released his first wave of content starting with Arrangements and Acknowledgements part one, two and three. Listen below.

After dropping of these three unique pieces which get us prepared for the upcoming visual album, he also dropped of 3 new features with some veteran artist such as Prada Dot & Kiante Robinson who are two extremely talented lyrical artist with years of experience under their belt and he also dropped of a special collaboration with Rose The Goat that will have you ready for more.

Check out Kiante Robinson & Du'Lanci Vallie as they dive into a relatable topic aimed for empowerment, the track is available for streaming on all major platforms. Consider adding it to your playlist as the record is radio friendly with a luring hook and relatable lyrics.

The second collaboration released was "Just Relax (Remix)" with recording artist Prada Dot and it's jam packed with the flavor of Hip-Hop as both artist provided the needed sauce to make this one a standout remix.

This last collaboration is one of the best in my opinion as the start of the record gave me a butterflies with the lofi effect heading straight into the powerful production by Du'Lanci Vallie.

The hook performed by Rose The Goat is also something worth noting as it blended perfectly with the beat leaving us wanting more.

The lyrical performance by Du'Lanci Vallie is also worth a mention as he displayed his take on being inside the party environment, giving us a taste of what he thinks and providing a creative way to express the atmosphere of a party.

Prepare for much much more as this is only the start of a unforgettable journey with recording artist and producer Du'Lanci Vallie.

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