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We are always being asked what are the best ways artists can promote music videos. Here at Vydia we help to monetize and distribute artist’s visual content. That includes helping to set up and maintain a Vevo channel, preparing music videos and sending them off to popular TV outlets. But an option often overlooked when trying to promote a artist or music video is our Retail Submission.

Have you ever been shopping, heard a song playing or watched a music video in the store and wondered how you could get your music featured there too? Well, there is a way, Retail submissions! Not only does VYDIA offer distribution to the top music channels, we can also distribute to leading retail outlets as well. Retail submission is one of the best ways to promote your music video and can increase the amount of exposure your video will receive.

Retailers have one of the highest amount of traffic, it makes them one of the top places to distribute an artists’ music. These chains of stores have hundreds of various locations, therefore by submitting your music to just one retailer you have the potential to reach thousands more. Vydia has a distribution partnership with over 2000 locations making your music’s chances of being heard far greater. We distribute to cruise lines, hotels, restaurants, strip clubs, Dave & Busters, Foot Locker, In-Store Sports, Gold’s Gym,

Planet Hollywood and more. So if you ever want to hear your music or see your video in a club, restaurant, mall, or any other type of retail option, retail submissions is an option you definitely want.

To see one of our clients who have been featured, check out Una Jensen, who has had success using the Retail Submissions distribution choice. Jensen’s music video for “The Way It Goes” was picked up and featured in malls across the country.



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