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How to List Your First NFT without Paying Any Charges

A beginner’s guide to selling your NFT.

An NFT is basically a non-fungible token. It is basically digital data stored on a digital ledger. In short, it is basically one of a kind digital asset.

There are many creators who are willing to list their first piece of NFT online and try to sell it for the value it deserves. But, due to current market charges, many don’t want to pay huge fees to just make their NFT noticeable.

Listing your NFT means basically making it visible to buyers across the world. People who really think that your NFT is worth it can surely be happy to invest in your NFT and gain ownership over your art.

In this article, we will be talking about how easily you can list your NFT for any mentioned price so that buyers across the world can buy it.

You need a wallet

Firstly, before selling any of your NFT you will require a wallet that is safe and able to store your crypto. Your wallet will also be the true key to login into your NFT portal.

In this tutorial, we will be using a MetaMask wallet. It is currently the best wallet every NFT seller or buyer uses to trade crypto. You just need to download it and create your password. That’s it.

You don’t need to add any card details to sell NFT because you require MetaMask only to accept payment for your NFT. Basically, we are going to use the MetaMask wallet just to receive the Ethereum.

So basically add the MetaMask wallet to your chrome extension. It is free of cost and note down your password and recover phase. Once you are done with setting up your MetaMask wallet then you have done half of your work.

Selling Your NFT

To list your NFT we will be using Open Sea Platform. It is basically the leading source of the NFT selling platform.

1. Once you browse Open Sea in Chrome you will see this page —

2. Click on Create option and you will need to login into the platform from the MetaMask chrome extension directly —

Click on create and select MetaMask wallet to login into the Open Sea platform. After clicking MetaMask you will get a prompt from the MetaMask chrome extension and click sign. Now you have successfully signed in to the Open Sea platform through your MetaMask Extension

3. Add your NFT details —

Once you are logged into the Open Sea platform using Meta Mask you need to add details of your NFT that you are willing to sell.

Add all the required details like Name and Description. Skip all the details which are not required for now. Also, skip the collection part as this is your first NFT.

4. Select Blockchain as Polygon —

Selecting blockchain as Polygon will make sure that you are not charged any fees to list your NFT. Now tap the create option.

5. Sell Your NFT —

Select the Sell Option once you have created your NFT.

6. Add the necessary amount —

Keep a fair amount which you want your buyers to buy your NFT. Once you are satisfied with entering your amount click Complete Listing.

7. Sign in Using MetaMask Wallet —

Just click the sign option and allow your MetaMask wallet to Sign the Price. Click Sign on your MetaMask Wallet and you are done.

Hurray! you have now successfully Listed your first NFT for free without paying a single fee.

8. Let buyers buy your NFT —

As you have successfully created your NFT now a buyer can buy your NFT for the mentioned amount. Once he pays the amount it will get automatically transferred to your MetaMask Wallet. You can also share your NFT link with the appropriate and interested buyers.

I hope this article is helpful for creators out there who are trying to list their NFT. Follow these steps if you are willing to list your NFT without paying any heavy charges. This will surely give huge power to people and creators out there and give them new possibilities to sell their digital art.



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