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How to Promote Your NFTs

So, you published an NFT. What’s next?

As you can see, it’s easy to create your own NFT to sell. And surprisingly, not only digital artists can do it. Anyone can create an NFT and publish it. But..what's next?

An NFT market is getting over-saturated so chances that someone will find your NFT organically are pretty low. But even if they find it, why would they want to buy it? Now, it’s your job to make sure that people are interested in the stuff you created.

Add your drop to the NFT Calendar

The digital art you post as an NFT on online marketplaces is called a drop. One of the best free ways to promote your new release is to add it to the NFT calendar, the first calendar on the market where the best NFT drops from various marketplaces are gathered in one place. It takes only a few minutes to add your art to this calendar:

Submit your Drop - NFT Calendar On this page you can submit your event

Use your social media

This step is a no-brainer. Once your drop is live, you need to make sure that your followers on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media platforms are aware of its existence. It’s best to use channels that you already use for promoting your creative work but even a post on Facebook can help you gain some traction.

Use your email list

This is why you have an email list in the first place, right?

Create an eye-catching teaser and promote it online

Before you even post your art, make sure you have an eye-catching teaser ready. A perfect video teaser will show what your NFT Project is about but, at the same time, will keep the intrigue.

Make it featured

Each marketplace has different rules, but most of them have a separate page or section for featured NFTs. If you do your homework and create quality stuff, you can make it to the featured page. And if your NFTs get to the featured drops, marketplaces also promote them on social media!

Start a thread on Reddit/Bitcointalk/Twitter

Another way to get more people interested in your digital art is to start a thread. You can find the most devoted fans in the communities of people who are already interested in this stuff.

Find a newsletter

A lot of NFT platforms and enthusiasts have their own newsletters so don’t hesitate to reach out and ask them for help. Most likely, you’ll have to pay in order to see your NFT in a popular newsletter but think about all those people that will see your art!

Reach out to NFT communities

There are quite a few popular NFT communities on Instagram and Twitter that offer to promote your art for a small fee.

Find an influencer

Another paid option is to find an influencer who has a loyal community of followers interested in cryptocurrencies.

Write an article or buy one

Writing content is another great way to promote your digital goods. And if you are not a writer, find someone who can write a compelling copy and promote your NFT for you.

Collaborate with others

Consider teaming up with musicians, fashion brands, celebrities, bloggers, animation studios, and other artists for more exposure.

Become a collector yourself

Buying NFT pieces created by other artists is a great way to start making yourself a name in the NFT Universe and building a community.

Create a giveaway

A giveaway is another effective tactic to attract more attention. Consider giving away an NFT that makes part of an upcoming collection to get more shares and follows online.

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