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How to remain in motion as a creative

It's easier said but who's getting the work done?

You can waste time if you want people just gonna past by you as if you never existed, why wait for the crowd when you can stand out?

Staying in motion as a creative is a deadly game which some come out on top and the rest remain under the rock.

Here's my top 10 tips for staying in motion as a creative.

  1. Relax the thoughts that force you to rush

  2. Don't compare yourself to anyone

  3. Start with the things you can do now

  4. Avoid the emotional trap which causes self doubt, always know you are further than you started

  5. Don't question God, everything has its purpose.

  6. Ignore the crowd and aim on standing out

  7. Read or watch informational videos that pertain to the areas where you are weak

  8. Network with strangers, your friends don't care unless you blow up

  9. Plan your next moves before you make the first

  10. Enjoy the process, it's sometimes slow sometimes fast but trust me your journey is unique and at the end you'll realize why it was better to stay in motion versus sitting on your ass as if you figured it all out.

Those are my top 10 tips for staying in motion, we all have different ways when it comes to handling emotional situations but never forget God has a plan for you.

The plan isn't to worry, it's to strive for the greatness within.

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