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NFTs in 2022

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2021 has made clear that the coming years will be thoroughly based on cryptocurrencies and that are related. Major breakthroughs were recorded in this year.

With a huge popularity in the field, these currencies are/will be used in our day today life in the near future. The trust in the system has been built up due to several reasons in the system.

What is an NFT?

NFT — Non Fungible Token

A digital asset sold in return to cryptocurrency is the basic process. The reference to non-fungible shows clearly that you cannot trade the art for another similar art (100%).

NFTs are related to the Ethereum block chain.

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Present x Future

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NFTs have shown a large impact in the present society. The transactions that happen in the future will be more in to these type of crypto related currencies. We are still experiencing the beginning of the usage of NFTs. So if you are into NFTs, you are not late for the subject.

Different types of NFT related applications are introduced to the Internet. Market places are been initiated on the Internet. Market places such as OpenSea, Axie Infinity are some of the current market places.

Crypto Wallets such as Meta Mask, Coinbase, and Alpha Wallet are established in order to store crypto earned.

Tech companies

Major tech companies have shown a thought on the future of these currencies. For example, with the future release of Metaverse by Facebook, the online transactions will be done with these types of currencies. NFT verified shoes will be introduced by Nike in the near future. New market places and wallets will be created on behalf of the community. Famous tweets posted on twitter will be up for sale as NFTs. Adidas is dropping NFT collections that gives access to exclusive streetwear in the end of this year.


The gaming industry is famous when talking about the NFTs. In 2022, games will be holding NFTs to reward gamers after a win. The avatars will be related to the NFTs. The S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 game will be a Meta game including the real world NFT rewards. If you have watched the Ready Player One movie or the Free Guy movie you will have a slight idea about these types of processes. The Play-to-Earn concept will be commonly used in the upcoming games in 2022. The rewarded NFTs will not only be valid on the game but also in the realistic crypto world.


The social impact on NFTs are really positive as entrepreneurs, celebrities, influencers are keen on the process of crypto. The drive towards focusing, dealing and creating have been escalated among the association.


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NFTs will be created in different styles and varieties in the near future. As the world is been developed on A.I (Artificial Intelligence) based structure, the NFTs will be moving towards A.I powered subjects. A.I powered systems will be introduced and directed towards creating unique digital assets. A.I based marketplaces and ventures is the key to keep the ongoing market in 2022. NFTs are been developed to robots which will change the direction completely to another dimension in the digital world. Due to the A.I based models, the ways of collecting and dealing tokens will be developed in different platforms in a more secured manner.

NFTs will be the beginning of the process of MetaVerse.

You are not late !!!

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