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Top 3 habits boost your brainpower in 7 days or less

The brain is the most powerful organ in our body once you lose this power you die. Many people think why somebody so many achieves their life and I am don't only deference their brain. Smart people always protect their brain because they know your life depended on how much you use your brain capacity so in this article. I am sharing with you the top 3 habits once you apply your life you are living the best life you wish. Backward is good once you understand

I am telling you to count 1 to 100 you count very fast. But this time tricky question. I am telling you to count 100 to 1 this time you notice your counting time is very slow and you forget sometimes. This time your brain works slow. Stanford researchers found numbers backward improve our brain prefrontal cortex. Your brain works fast sometimes you practice and after you practice for seven days you notice your brain works a lot faster than you think. But remember knowing is not enough once you apply your life change.

“ Knowledge is not enough action to make difference . See library and Google lot of knowledge but they are not smart enough. This thing build one human ” ~ Zen Language makes difference

You see some people talk two or three languages and some others talk so many languages. Language learning is a hobby for people so many people learn one or two languages. But scientists found one person talk one or two languages same time their brain so fast any human. On this earth, the human brain is most powerful why because we speak the language. Language is a very powerful thing you know more read this article…

Slow you're breathing fast you are

Breath is life without breath you are not living anymore but correct breathing patterns are very beneficial. So some people practice meditation or yoga but in this article, I am not talking about you practicing this type of old fascinated thing. We are living in the modern world so modern practice is so important t. Every day after you wake up take a deep breath for one or two minutes then do anything. you notice your day start very relaxed. Next, take 5 minutes no matter morning or night practice hold your breath how many times you can then exhale again hold then exhale. Learn more read this Rules ~ Breath = Hold 1 minute or 2 minute = Exhale = Breath =Repeat Thanks for reading this article if you have any questions asked me. Share this if you think it is helpful and change someone's life. Because knowing something is not enough sharing is make a better world.



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