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YellowTapee is a hip-hop musician from New York City and she is currently apart of the Byrd Gang label founded by Jim Jones. 
With each new release she continues to display tremendous growth, her style has been most recently compared to that of Meek Mill and Lil Wayne.

Asked to describe her songs personally, YellowTapee writes, “I would describe my music as a vibe a lot of people can connect and relate to my music I story tell I rap about things that I been through or things others been through I even make club songs drill songs twerk songs I’m very versatile and I like that about me I say my music is a vibe.”

YellowTapee has an open passion about performing live and has performed at many notable venues across the New York City area. 

Asked to describe her goal in music, Yellow Tapee had this to say: “I want to get a Grammy I’m trying to be on the big stages I want my family straight my son to do and have shit I’ve never had music is all I got this isn’t a hobby and I’m tryna be one of the greatest .. A legend cause they don’t die !! ”

To fans new and old YellowTapee writes,

“Stay consistent stay dedicated and remember nobody gonna believe in you how you believe in yourself no matter who they are so put that work in 10x harder to make people believe remember nothing is impossible the worst says it itself IM POSSIBLE.”

The Yellow Print by YellowTapee is available online worldwide from over 250 quality digital music retailers now.

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