We work with a very large network of playlist curators. These music tastemakers help define what receive the most exposure in the modern music world. 

Professional Playlist Campaigns

Our team has worked on supporting music releases for over 10 years. Our playlist network grows every day, and we work with both new and well established Spotify curators with a genuine interest in promoting great music. Our process is simple; we start by listening to your material, we then research suitable curators within our network and ask them to consider your track for inclusion. Once we receive positive feedback, we share the good news and placement with you via our online client dashboard. Streaming is the new way of getting noticed in the music industry, and our campaigns focus on getting your work in front of an audience.

Use Spotify to turn Up the Volume on Your Career
Everyone hopes to find success doing what they love. Even if you’re regularly putting out great music, it can be difficult getting the exposure you need to make it to the top. With 87 million subscribers worldwide and counting, getting onto a Spotify playlist is an amazing opportunity. When you’re building a new career, particularly as an entertainer, being seen or heard by as many people as possible is crucial. Our Spotify playlist promotion service provides you with the opportunity to broaden your fan base and grow professionally.

Monthly Promotion
Once we’ve reviewed and approved your material, our team will dedicate each month to pitching your song to curators. You can choose to focus on one single for several months or change to a new track each month. The campaign subscription is flexible and can be easily managed in our portal. Cancel anytime before renewal or keep going so our team can keep working to get you the vital exposure you need.

Access to Our Talented Team
You’re setting goals and working hard to attain them. Having our team giving focused attention to promoting one of your songs frees you up to keep creating content. With this service you get access to a client dashboard where you can communicate with the team, follow your progress and receive links to secured placements.

Our Pitches are Tailored to You
We look at your style and genre and only pitch to Spotify playlists that support your image as an artist. 5 to 8 placements per campaign can be expected in playlists that put you in front of audiences that are already interested in your genre, which means they’re more likely to appreciate your hard work.
Now is the Time
If living your best life means finding success and attaining your goals as an entertainer, don’t put off this great opportunity. We’re ready to help you succeed and bring the audience to you.